2021 Amazon (US site) Most Wished For product list


The first two articles shared the new product list and the sales list, today we will take a look at the soaring products . In addition to the neck fan and baby fan on the new product list, we also saw a bladeless fan. This fan is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has a strong sense of touch switch technology, and is accompanied by a colorful night light to adjust the atmosphere. Compared with other fans, the bladeless fan is safer for children and pets. At the same time, the appearance of this bladeless fan Exquisite, stylish, functional and practical. It is very suitable as a gift for children, elders, friends and lovers.

Whether it is on the new product list or the soaring list, we can see the existence of camping fans. Outdoor camping is originally a big market. It is only because of the epidemic that everyone has reduced their outing activities. However, the epidemic has slowly subsided recently. , Camping fans will soon usher in a bigger market opportunity