2021 Amazon electric fan (US site) best-selling list


Today, I will take you to take a look at what styles of electric fans on Amazon (US site) have huge sales. First of all, it is ranked top 10 under the general category of Household Fans; the ranking is like this

Air Circulator Fan Black, There are more than 70,000 buyer reviews, enough to see how popular this fan is

Oscillating Tower Fan It is ranked second, fourth, and sixth respectively, so its popularity and the market combined are also hot; Clip fans, floor fans, camping fans, ventilation fan posePocket Fan stand fan, These fans have their own market needs and market selling points, and they are all products that have been leading sales for several years. The above several models can be said to be representative works in their respective markets (the United States).

The following is the sales ranking of various fans in the market segment
Tower FANS

Floor Fans

Pedestal fans

Personal fans

table fans

usb fans

Wall-mounted fans

Window fans


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